Japan – Select a drink and donate (via Red Cross Talks)

Campaña de ayuda da Cruz Roja
Escojan una bebida y ayudan a Cruz Roja Japon

Japan - Select a drink and donate *We heard about this on the Wall Street Journal and Japan Trends blogs, and it was too good not to share. Here you go! I have heard many stories from friends who were amazed by the amount of vending machines they saw while travelling in Japan. The country definitely has a love affair with the machines that can sprout pop, snacks, and other items for purchase 24/7. It has the highest amount of vending machines per capita in the world – one for eve … Read More

via Red Cross Talks


anywheredoorarchiexpo について

Grupo de 4 arquitectos (portugueses y japoneses) que se dedica a organizar eventos relacionados con la arquitectura.
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